Product information

On we sell seven different products.

1. Neoprene camera straps
2. Cotton camera straps
3. Leather camera straps
4. Fashion Camera Bags
5. Doctor camera bags
6. Other accessories
7. Gift Cards

Below you can find specific product information that make our products unique.

1. Neoprene camera straps

The outside
The outer side of the neoprene strap is provided with a print. The substance that we use can consist of different materials. Important to this is the special funky print and the quality of the print and used material.

The neoprene interior

One of the main specifications of the neoprene strap is the inside which is made of neoprene. Neoprene is a kind of rubber which is primarily used for diving suits, wetsuits, and product like that. It causes a slight elasticity in the camera strap and a comfortable wear. The cutting feel of a regular camera strap is history. Neoprene is in fact extremely soft and non-abrasive. It is ideal in combination with the human skin.

Nylon webbing

The neoprene camera straps feature brown / cognac-colored nylon webbing forming the mounting between camera and camera strap. For the neoprene camera strap we use nylon webbing width 12 mm. Depending on the width of the attachment points on your camera our camera straps will fit well. We advise you to measure this so well. Each product is also indicated how wide are the nylon straps. They are strong enough to carry the heaviest cameras and tested on a carrying weight of more than 50 kg. So this seems sufficient.

Quick release buckles

Our neoprene camera straps feature quick release buckles. These are clickers. Our purpose of adding quick release buckles is to save you time. It takes at least half an hour before you're tying the straps on a camera loose and to make this a perfect balance. Through the use of quick release buckles, you can disconnect the camera in no time. Obviously we made it super safe! A test showed that our quick release buckles can carry up to 50 kg *. We believe that your camera will not weight heavier!

2. Cotton camera straps

In and outside
The in and outside of the cotton strap is always made of cotton, woven into patterns with different colors. The inside of the cotton camera strap does not have a neoprene lining, but a soft suede leather piece, so that the wearing comfort is still comfortable. This strap will not rub your neck.

Nylon webbing

Our cotton camera straps are like the neoprene version, features brown cognac colored nylon webbing that form the mounting between camera and camera strap. The big difference is that we use nylon webbing on the cotton camera straps width 7 mm (instead of 12mm). Depending on the width of the attachment points on your camera our camera straps will fit. They are strong enough to carry the heaviest cameras and is tested on a carrying weight of more than 70 kg. Cotton strap are easily applicable to small SLRs. Of course you can also use this camera strap to the normal SLR.

No quick release buckles

Cotton camera straps are not fitted with quick release buckles.

3. Learning camera straps

In and outside
The in and outside of these camera straps are made of 100% genuine leather. The outer shell of brown or black leather and possibly provided with studs. The leather is tanned exterior and equipped with sturdy stitching. The inside is softer leather comfortable in your neck.
There's a natural curve shape in the camera strap so the extra comfort of your neck.

No quick release buckles

Cotton camera straps are not fitted with quick release buckles. The ends are all leather and 7 mm wide.

4. Fashion Camera Bags

Our fashion camera bags are made of 100% leather. It is a qualitative fashion-worthy bag, with the requirements for carrying a camera. The bag has the following features:

  • It is a functional camera bag but with a fashion look
  • 100% leather (color gray or brown)
  • Inside of neoprene receivers for protection
  • Special zipper so you can quickly catch your camera
  • At the bottom you can create three compartments for your camera and lenses
  • Create the walls of these compartments with hook tape that you get supplied with it
  • There is an elastic band in it in which you can clamp a lens
  • On the inside are three zippered pockets
  • Additional zipper pocket on the outside
  • There is room at the top of the bag for other stuff
  • Ring connector for keys
  • Shoulder strap included for added portability
The quality is reliable and good. We have spend more than a year working on this product and only used high-quality and extremely strong materials. The bag is available in two colors with matching prints.

5. Doctor camera bags

No standard camera bag, and no doctor's bag. It is our unique 'Doctor Camera Bag". Whatever you're going to discover. Your camera is always with you in this cool camera bag. There is room for an SLR camera (body) and two lenses.

The bag is fully equipped with neoprene inside. This makes your photo equipment is always protected. You shut off the bag with a vintage closure. The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap, has a storage compartment in the back and two pockets on the inside.

This camera bag is made of imitation leather and fitted with neoprene on the inside for extra protection of your camera accessories. We have tried to create an affordable, high-quality, reliable and unique camera bag. Of course we have tested the bag at different test centers.

6. Other accessories

Lens Pocket

In the Lens Pocket you can keep your lens cap and attach it to your pants -or strap. So your lens cap will never get lost! The Lens Pocket is hand made from tanned leather.

Click connector

A neoprene strap is equipped with a quick release buckle. Do you have multiple cameras and you want to use the same camera for this strap? Then an additional click connector is something to think of.

Loop connector

In order to attach a neoprene strap on a camera with small circles as attachment point, we have developed the loop connector. This special quick release buckle can be ordered separately, and is not standard included in a neoprene strap. This loop connector is not applicable to a cotton or leather strap.

7. Gift Cards

We have gift cards in different amounts. Want to suprise someone with one of our camera strap or other products, and you do not know which one to choose? The gift card can help you out. The gift card is valid for one year. Together we can extend this period. You can receive the gift card by mail or digitally.

Is the amount you're looking for not available yet? Send us a message and we make a gift card for you.

* All products are tested at the Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd. Hong Kong Government Recognized Service Supplier & Approved Laboratory of The Woolmark Company.Members or American National Standards Institute, Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification Ltd., American Society for Testing and Materials, Hong Kong Toys Council and British Standards Institute.