Dutch cotton strap

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This retro camera strap is made of cotton. A nice camera strap with the Dutch flag pattern on it.

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Camera strap with seaway pattern

This strap is made of woven cotton. The ends of the 'kekke' part are equipped with leather. The nylon fasteners, conducted in cognac brown, are very sturdy and of course made for carrying cameras. The inside of the cotton strap has no neoprene lining, but a soft leather piece in the middle, making the portability of your neck is still comfortable, and the cotton strap so do not rub your neck. You can use this camera strap is best used for small SLRs, but of course they are also suitable for larger SLRs. Cotton camera straps are not equipped with straps.

For measurements with specifications (see above).

Total length (adjustable): 100 - 125 cm
Length funky part (about): 75 cm
Width Kekke part (about): 2 - 5 cm
Length nylon mount (adjustable): 33 cm
Nylon tire width (cotton): 0.7 cm
Tested on carrying weight:: 75 kg
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