Dark green raindrops strap

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Camera strap in dark

The 'Dark Green raindrops' strap is a member of the 'raindrops' family. A series of camera straps, available in the colors dark blue, dark green, gray and orange. Characteristic of this kind of camera strap is soft, shiny fabric, with small tip woven into it. It makes for a nice effect that makes it look like there are raindrops on the camera strap.

This strap is made of a high-quality printing and is provided on the inside of neoprene *. The ends of the 'kekke' part are equipped with leather. The nylon fasteners, conducted in cognac brown, are very sturdy and of course made for carrying cameras. In addition, there are straps on this camera strap. The straps allow you to click your camera quick release camera strap. You can also quickly change if a different design. The straps are very strong and have been tested in combination with the nylon straps on a carrying weight of 50 kg.! You can use this camera strap is best used for SLRs.

* Neoprene is a kind of rubber which is used for example diving suits and wetsuits. It creates a slight elasticity in the strap and a comfortable wear.

Total length (adjustable): 100-125 cm
Length leather part (about): 60 cm
Width Kekke section: 4 cm
Length mount (adjustable): 30 cm
Width mount (leather): 1.1cm
Tested on carrying weight:: 50 kg
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