Camera strap with black leather

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Camera strap in black leather version. 100% genuine leather quality. In Stock!

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Camera strap made of black leather

This strap is made of 100% leather. For stitching we use the color red as a nice accent. The leather is soft and the carrier side has soft microfiber fabric for comfortable portability.

This handmade camera strap is made of quality materials and suitable for almost all cameras (check the dimensions for applicability). This strap is tested on a carrying weight of 50 kg.! You can use this camera strap is best used for SLRs.

Check the specifications menu above for dimensions (see above).

Would you like a gift box with? Then you can specify that. Because we have to send it as a package we charge fees.

Total length (adjustable): 100-125 cm
Length leather part (about): 60 cm
Width Kekke part (about): 2 - 5 cm
Length mount (adjustable): 30 cm
Width mount (leather): 1.1cm
Tested on carrying weight:: 40 kg
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