Classic damask camera strap

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Camera strap with a classic damask prints. Beautiful, neutral and high pattern. Have a look!

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Camera strap with Classic damast print

The damask series is based on the weaving (damask), where drawings applied on a background of the same color. A substance from the Middle East. In this embodiment, the colors are reasonably neutral held so that a classical (classic) damask print is created.

This strap is made of a quality print combined with neoprene on the inside. The ends of the 'design' section include real leather. Nylon fixings, conducted in brown, are very sturdy and obviously made for carrying cameras. Also there's a quick release buckle on this camera strap. Our aim of making a quick release strap is just to save time. It always takes half an hour of tying the straps on a camera and adjusting them for a perfect balance. So, if you use this quick release straps, you can just press on the buckle and change as you like in a second! The quick release is very strong and has been tested in combination with the nylon straps on a carrying weight of 50 kg.! You can use this strap the best for SLRs.

Check the specifications menu above for dimensions (see above).

* Neoprene is a kind of rubber which is mainly used for diving suits, wetsuits and other things like that. It provides a slight elasticity in the strap for a comfortable and easy carrying.

Total length (adjustable): 100-125 cm
Length leather part (about): 60 cm
Width Kekke section: 4 cm
Length mount (adjustable): 30 cm
Width mount (leather): 1.1cm
Tested on carrying weight:: 50 kg
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